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When placing your order as a retail customer it's important that someone is at home to take the delivery. You can provide an alternative address such as office location when you place your order.
If you are not available to take the delivery, then please leave instructions during the ordering process where your order can be left e.g. in the porch, a box, garage, neighbour or any other safe place. The drivers are under instructions not to return the package to the delivery depot.

Call us on 01525 217138 or email [email protected] and we will help you locate your order.

Please see details on the ‘Packaging and Delivery’ section. You can find the link at the bottom of this page. 

For retail customers, yes. Once your meat has reached the perfect maturation, we cut, vacuum pack and professionally shock freeze it to secure flavour, freshness and quality. 

We advise that you keep your frozen meat in its original vacuum packaging. Your meat will last longer and stay in excellent condition if you keep it frozen at -18ºC or below. 

When placing your order over the internet, your details are transmitted over a secure network connection World Pay, and we never see your card details, ensuring your personal protection. We are committed to protecting your privacy and do not share customer’s personal details with third parties.

Yes, we are a fully certified HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee) butchery. Visit HMC's website.

Yes, because we professionally fast freeze it in very low temperature, the meat is kept tender and juicy avoiding large crystals which can split apart the fibre of the meats, leading to loss of moisture. When you defrost, and cook the product, quality is very high compared to majority of refrigerated meat.

Allow plenty of time for your meat to defrost – 24 hours for small cuts and up to 10 hours per 500g for larger joints. It’s safer to defrost in the fridge. Never defrost near heating area or stove, this can lead to risk of food poising.

Matured meat can have a marginally darker appearance when it is first removed from the vacuum pack. After about 30 minutes of exposure to fresh air the meat regains a bright, natural colour.

When meat is delivered, for safety and quality, place your frozen product into the freezer immediately. Always keep your frozen meat in the original vacuum packaging. This will help to prevent freezer burn. Your meat will last longer and stay in excellent condition if you keep it frozen at -18ºC or below. DO NOT refreeze once defrost.

Yes, we can deliver fresh meat upon request, when you place an order on-line, you can call us on 01525 217138 and request for fresh to be delivered. This will take an additional day subject to availability and to prepare and pack and deliver.

Yes, we can provide any specific cuts for Busniess. For further information please call us on 01525 217138 or 07850983082, alternatively email us on: [email protected]