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Packaging & Delivery


Our Delivery is between 3-5 working days.

Our normal delivery times are between 0800 and 1700; unfortunately, we cannot deliver at a specific time.

Delivery by Courier

Delivery Location: Mainland England and Wales excluding Isle of Wight

Delivery Charges – Order Value

£30.00 or more

Free Delivery

Less than £29.99


All our products are dispatched using a next-day delivery courier service directly from our depot.

All our products are securely packed in our polystyrene chilled boxes to ensure correct temperature is maintained.

When placing your order, it is important that someone should be at home to take delivery. You can provide alternative address such as office location when you place your order.

If you are not available to take the delivery then please leave instructions during the ordering process where your order can be left e.g. in the porch, a box, garage or neighbour or any other safe place. The drivers are under instructions not to return the package to the delivery depot.

Unpack and place in your refrigerator as soon as possible. If you are going to freeze then this should be done on the day of receipt.

Packaging for Retail Customers

All our products are dispatched in a recyclable and reusable polystyrene box with freeze packs to maintain correct temperature.

Packaging box can also be re-used; you may find these are useful for a wide range of storage or packing purposes.

All our meat products once reached the perfect point of maturation, we cut, vacuum pack and professionally blast-freeze it to lock in the flavour, freshness and quality. Blast freezing process means your meat remains tender and juicy.

Acceptable Weight Variation

When you place your order, it will be for a nominal weight of produce, at a specified price.

We will collect the payment via the payment method you select when placing the order. Because orders are hand cut and individually prepared, it can be expected that there may be some small variation in weights above or below the weight you choose, and it is impractical for us to request additional payments or process small refunds. We will ensure that this variation never exceeds +/-10% of any item specified. Items delivered within 10% of the weight ordered shall be deemed complete.

If you have any further questions please call us on 01525 217138, alternatively email us to [email protected]